Act Now to Prevent Fleas the Natural Way

Act Now to Prevent Fleas the Natural Way

Spring is here, but for many dogs and their owners an unwelcome visitor returns along with the warmer weather. Although the flea season does not typically peak until late summer, you need to take steps now to make sure these dangerous pests don't establish themselves on your dog or in your home.

As well as being an itchy nuisance that can infest your home along with your pet, fleas can be the beginning of more serious health problems for your dog.

Some dogs have an allergy to flea bites that can cause skin infections. Flea allergy dermatitis is one of the most common allergies in dogs and if not successfully treated can develop into secondary skin conditions.

Often the animals suffering most have the fewest fleas because their excessive grooming from being constantly itchy gets rid of the evidence. But, it only takes a couple of bites every two weeks for an allergic dog to be itchy all the time.

If your dog has fleas then it's important to ask your vet for a suitable flea treatment for your dog. But, there are some things you can do to help your dog and, if you start early enough, could prevent the problem from happening at all

Daily grooming with a fine toothed comb will help to remove any fleas or flea eggs that are on your dog. You don't need a special flea comb or chemical shampoo. Wash your comb in warm, soapy water. You can also dispose of any fleas you find by putting them into the water.

Vacuum every day and clean bedding regularly for every flea you find on your dog there may be another 200 eggs around your home! Empty the vacuum cleaner outside so that it doesn't become an incubator for more fleas.

Parasites will often target less healthy animals so it's important to boost your dog's immune system through a healthy, all natural diet, daily exercise and attention to coat and condition. Make sure your dog is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs by using a good quality, natural dog food.

Herbal supplements can help to safely repel fleas, mites and ticks. Although these supplements are natural they can be very potent. It is important to follow feeding guidelines carefully and avoid giving any treatment to pregnant bitches or young pups without taking advice from your vet.

Because of the life cycle of fleas, no treatment will be effective as a one-off. You need to start in spring and continue all the way through the peak flea season in late August and into September.

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