CSJ Performance Feeds

CSJ Feeds Complete Tripe 15kg Bag


Minimum 26% tripe, enriched with herbs and green vegetables. 

Wheat gluten free with joint care. 

Complete and nutritionally balanced 

Suitable for 

  • Active adult dogs
  • Adult working dogs 
  • Joint care 
  • Dogs that have difficulty maintaining weight
  • Dogs with allergies, skin and coat problems 

CSJ Feeds CP24 15kg BagActive Working Dogs
38% lamb for active working dogs
Hypoallergenic, wheat gluten free dog food with joint care
Complete and balanced

Suitable For
  • Active working dogs
  • Agility dogs 
  • Competing Dogs
CSJ Feeds CP30 15kg Bag

High Energy Salmon

High performance, salmon feed for dogs needing a high energy diet.

Hypoallergenic. Wheat Gluten Free. Joint Care

Suitable For

  • Very Active Dogs
  • Whelping bitches (extra nutrition from late pregnancy)
  • Puppies
CSJ Feeds Fit n Fast 15kg Bag

Active With Salmon

Made from fresh salmon, with herbs and green vegetables for optimum health and performance. 

Wheat gluten free, rice free dog food

Complete and nutritionally balanced

Suitable For

  • Active working dogs 
  • Dogs with allergies or food intolerances
  • Dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat 


CSJ Feeds Hike On 15kg BagPerformance Feed

Made from a minimum of 35% salmon. Specially formulated for racing sled dogs. 

Suitable for the hardest working, competing dogs who need maximum energy from their diets. 

Rice Free. Wheat Gluten Free. 

Complete and nutritionally balanced

Suitable For
  • Racing sled dogs
  • Running dogs 
  • Competition dogs
  • Whelping bitches
  • Young puppies
CSJ Feeds That'll Do!Chicken

Made from a minimum 20% real chicken. Medium protein for control and concentration but rich in oil for stamina.

Only high quality, natural ingredients and exceptional value for money.  For great condition all year round. 

Complete and nutritionally balanced

Suitable For
  • Working dogs 
  • Active adult dogs