CSJ  Treats Training Tips 100g
Meaty Training Treat

Naturally delicious semi moist 80% meat treat

With cranberry & blackcurrant ideal for training your dog
CSJ Treats Dem Bones 500g pack


100% natural, low calorie treat to help clean teeth, freshen breath, settle upset tummies and reduce doggy flatulence.

Low fat. Natural appetite suppressant. 

Hypo-allergenic, wheat gluten free and dairy free. 
CSJ Treats Fish n' Hips 100g
Joint Care Treat

Naturally delicious, semi moist 70% fish treats

With devil's claw, turmeric and oleogrape 

Helps maintain healthy joints 
CSJ Treats Fishcuits 180g100% Salmon

Best seller. Healthy, nutritious salmon treat for healthy skin, shiny coat and great overall condition.

Tasty and with a strong, natural scent. Ideal for training and as a health supplement. 

CSJ Treats Gnaw Rolls 100g
Clean Teeth

Naturally delicious, semi moist 80% meat treats

Venison with seaweed & parsley for clean teeth and healthy gums.
CSJ Treats Poppets 200g
Joint Care Treat 

100% natural, healthy treat with conditioning herbs to help keep joints supple and act as an all over tonic. 

Wheat gluten free. Low calorie dog training treat.