About Barking Heads

Why We Recommend Barking Heads !

Barking Heads fits right into our carefully selected range of 100% natural feeds that offer fantastic quality and value for money.

Especially for pets and smaller dogs, Barking Heads (and Meowing Heads for cats) is packed with healthy, high quality, UK-sourced ingredients, vitamins and minerals to keep your dog looking and feeling in great condition.

NO artificial colourings, NO artificial flavourings, NO artificial preservatives,NO genetically-modified ingredients and NO e-baddies.

Grain Free

For dogs with allergies or that find grain free feeds easier to digest 


Packed with high quality proteins to give your dog the best start in life

Tender Loving Care 

Easy going and soothing incredients for dogs with sensitive digestion 

Bad Hair Day !

Helps ease irritation and promote shiny coat and healthy skin 

Tiny Paws !

Smaller bite kibble for smaller breeds and dogs that prefer a smaller biscuit size