Why We Recommend CSJ !

Our dogs love CSJ - and the boost it has given to their health, condition, vitality and years of life has been our inspiration in creating Wirral Dog Food. 

Made only from high quality, natural ingredients, CSJ has a dedicated following amongst the working-dog community and has powered many champions in the competitive fields; from agility to obedience, flyball, heel-work to music, canicross, racing sled dogs, working trial dogs, show dogs and of course sheep dogs.

We believe CSJ's commitment and experience is second to none and we highly recommend their range of feeds, herbs, healthy treats and skin care products. 

Image: CSJ founder, Ceri Rundle and her dad H. Glyn Jones competing with dogs Ted, Lyn and Taff at Glyn Ceiriog STD.

Command Performance (CP)

Wheat-gluten free, hypoallergenic, super-premium feeds, enhanced with oils, herbs and joint care. 

CSJ Original Range

Premium range of CSJ favourites, including wheat-gluten free and specialist feeds 


All-natural, high quality basics, including the best selling Champ  

CSJ Puppy Food

Highly nutritional feeds to give your pup the best possible start in life 

Herbs and Supplements

Astonishingly effective herbs and natural supplements for a range of benefits and conditions

Healthy Treats

Natural, super-healthy treats your dog will love 

Skincare Products 

Deeply healing and moisturising with natural flea and tick repellents

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Developed by CSJ with support from vets, herbalists and one of the UK's leading canine nutritionalists