Why We Recommend Natures Menu !

When it comes to the quality, safety and traceability of our raw meats, we put our full confidence in Natures Menu, Europe's No1 raw food supplier. 

Based in Norfolk, Natures Menu works with carefully selected British suppliers to source farm assured, ethically reared meats - using only human grade cuts and subject to stringent bacteria testing and handling processes.    

Free from fillers, cereals, sugars, chemicals, derivatives,artificial additives, flavourings or colours. DEFRA aproved. 

Raw Minced Blocks

Nothing but high quality blocks of minced raw meat 

Freeflow (Loose) Minces

Loose minced meats, simply defrost the amount you need and keep the rest in your freezer

Natures Menu Meaty Chunks

High quality, whole meat chunks to give as a treat or part of your dog's mixed raw plate 

Natures Menu Offal Chunks

Chunks of tasty, nutritious offal. Serve as a treat or as part of a home prepared raw meal

Natures Menu Raw Meaty Bones

A selection of raw meaty bones for texture, mental stimulation and a host of nutritional benefits

Natures Menu Bone Free Chews

All the fun and nutritional benefits of chewing but a safer option for young or inexperienced dogs.

Complete Raw Meals

No mess, no fuss,  a complete and balanced meal of meat, vegetables and non-starchy carbs

The Country Hunter Range

The award winning grain-free range of superfoods 

Cans and Pouches

Lightly steamed, complete and balanced tins and pouches.

Freeze Dried and Baked Foods

Tasty and nutritious for dogs that enjoy a crunch 

Raw Feed Mixers

Natural complementary feeds for balancing home prepared raw meals.

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