Carefully Selected, British Raw Meats  !

We have one of Merseysides largest selections of high quality raw meats and we take great care over the quality of our supply. 

Our selection of raw British minces is ideal for those who follow the Prey Model Raw diet (PMR) or like to home prepare their own natural, healthy meals.

Our raw meats and treats are sourced only from trusted suppliers in whom we can be confident of quality, tracability  and safe handling practices.

Free from fillers, cereals, sugars, chemicals, derivatives, artificial additives, flavourings or colours.

We insist on high welfare standards.

Raw Treat Minces 500g 

Our BEST VALUE EVER Raw Minces! Vaccum packed for easy storage and clean defrosting  

Natures Menu Raw Minced Blocks

High quality, tracability and ethics. Raw minced 400g blocks from Europe's No 1 Raw Feed supplier

Benyfit Natural Minces

Lovingly prepared from ethically sourced, human grade British meats

Natures Menu Freeflow Minces

Loose flowing mince for easy serving; defrost what you need and keep the rest in your freezer

Natures Menu Raw Meaty Chunks

High quality chunks of single protein raw meat. Feed as a snack or to add texture to a raw meal.

Natures Menu Offal Chunks

Chunks of tasty, nutritious raw offal. Feed as a treat or as part of a home prepared raw meal.