How much should I feed my dogs

The dog foods we supply are complete meals which should be fed dry but can be mostened with water if you prefer.

The food does not need to be supplemented in any way.

We have provided CSJ's guideline feeding quantities below, but every dog is different so this should be adjusted according to your individual dog's needs.

Guidleine daily quantity of feed

•Small e.g. Terrier (2-10kg) 50-165g
•Medium e.g. Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie (10-20kg) 165-280g
•Large e.g. GSD, Belgian Shepherd (20-30kg) 280-385g
•Very Large e.g. Irish Wolfhound (30kg+) 385g+

It is better to feed in two half meals each day than it is to feed all in one go. You should always make sure there is a supply of fresh, clean water available for your dog.

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