Fear of Fireworks - Act Now to Help Your Dog

14 Oct 2015
Fear of Fireworks - Act Now to Help Your Dog Researchers from the University of Liverpool are calling on dog owners to take action well before bonfire night to avoid unnecessary distress to their animals.

Although it is relatively common for dogs to have fearful reactions to loud bangs such as fireworks and thunderstorms, the study found that very few owners seek help. Of those that do, many leave it so late that short term medication is the only option.

Dr Radford from The University School of Veterinary Science is calling for more education for vets and owners around the subject of firework stress in pets. He said: "What this study has really shown us is that fireworks begin to be a problem well before the official date, so vets and owners should get ready well in advance of the big night.

CSJ Calm Down is a 100% natural, soothing herbal blend to help dogs to cope through stressful situations such as firework night, travelling in cars, shows or competitions. 

Symptoms of fear can include extreme panting, pacing, howling, barking, scraping behaviour, refusing to eat or drink, refusing to go outside, involuntary toileting and even running away ... all of which can be stressful for owners too.

Many customer testimonials suggest that introducing Calm Down a few weeks before Bonfire Night can make a big difference to previously inconsolable dogs.

Owning A Dog Can Protect You From Heart Disease

14 May 2013
Owning A Dog Can Protect You From Heart Disease We all know that dogs are loyal protectors of the home and family but did you know that they can also help to protect your health!

The American Heart Association has announced this week that dog owners are likely to have a reduced risk of heart disease.

Dr Glenn Levine, chair of the expert panel who reviewed years of data concluded "People who own dogs certainly have more reason to go outside and take walks, and studies show that most owners form such close bonds with their pets that being in their presence blunts the owners' reactions to stress and lowers their heart rate."

The new report shows that pet owners in general tend to be healthier than those who don't keep animals and that dog owners in particular enjoy better health.

Source New York Times News Service

Is Neutering Best for Your Dog's Health

17 Feb 2013
Is Neutering Best for Your Dog's Health

Many responsible dog owners opt to have their animals neutered but a new study from the University of California at Davis raises serious health concerns.

The study of 759 Golden Retrievers established links between neutering and an increased risk of joint disorders and some cancers. Whilst the incidence of disease was higher in animals that had been neutered than those that had not, the level of risk was dependent on the age of the animal when the procedure was carried out.  Researchers found that the risk of hip dysplasia doubled in dogs neutered before they were 1 year old. For mast cell tumours and hemangiosarcoma the risk was higher in older females.

The reason for the link is thought to be the interruption of hornone production.

Benjamin Hart of the Davis School of Veterinary Medicine commented "the study indicates that dog owners and service dog trainers should carefully consider when to have their male or female dogs neutered. It is important to remember, however, that because different dog breeds have different vulnerabilties to various diseases, the effects of early and late neutering also may vary from breed to breed."

Source Plos One

Wirral Dog Walkers Warned Not To Disturb Sea Birds

7 Aug 2012
Wirral Dog Walkers Warned Not To Disturb Sea Birds The RSPB has asked Wirral dog walkers to take care not to disturb sea birds roosting at West Kirby beach, the Wirral Globe has reported.

Thousands of wading birds return to Wirral's beaches every year, from their breeding grounds in the Arctic Circle.

Volunteer wardens will be at West Kirby beach during the highest tides from September to March to encourage walkers to avoid accidentally disturbing the birds and to keep dogs under control. 

The volunteers will also be on hand to give information about the birds.

Wirral's beaches are an internationally recognised and important habitat for birdlife, particularly in the autumn and winter months.

Volunteers are hosting a birdwatching event on Hoylake Promenade on Saturday 18 August from 10.30am as part of Wirral's Year of Coast and Countryside. All are welcome to go along and there is no need to book.  

If you are interested in volunteering to help protect our birdlife, please contact Wirral Council Coastal Rangers who are based at Wirral Country Park in Thurstaston.

Dogs Comfort Distressed Humans

10 Jun 2012
Dogs Comfort Distressed Humans

If your dogs are anything like ours, you might have noticed that when you are feeling down in the dumps they seem to make a special effort to be loving and attentive.

A new study by Goldsmiths University of London suggests that dogs do indeed try to comfort humans who show signs of distress.

The study found that dogs were far more likely approach and touch people who were crying than those who were humming or talking.

The dogs behaved in a submissive manner, nuzzling and licking in a manner that researchers believed was consistent with empathic concern and comfort.

The study concluded that domestic dogs were able to identify and respond to human emotions and that crying had enough emotional meaning for them to provoke a stronger overall response than other emotional behaviours.

Dangerous Dogs Act May Be Extended to Private Homes

3 Jun 2012
Dangerous Dogs Act May Be Extended to Private Homes

The UK Government is consulting on a number of measures in an effort to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 already makes it an offence to allow a dog you own or are responsible for to be dangerously out of control in a public place, or in any private place where it is not allowed to be.

It is also an offence to own, breed from , sell or exchange the following breeds of dog

Pit Bull Terrier

Japanese Tosa

Dogo Argentinio

Fila Brasiliero

The new proposals would extend existing laws to include the control of dogs on private property for example in the owners home without penalising dogs that defend their owners against intruders.

The government is also considering whether to make it compulsory for dogs to be microchipped in order to target irresponsible owners and reduce the number of strays who are destroyed each year because the owner cannot be identified.

Details of the consultation can be found HERE.

The consultation ends on 15 June 2012