Herbs and Supplements

CSJ Herbs Billy No Mates 325gm
Fleas and Ticks

New bigger sized pack!

CSJ's best selling 100% natural repellant for fleas, mites and ticks.
CSJ Herbs Calm Down 200gm
Calming and Soothing

A soothing herbal blend to help settle your dog through fearful or stressful experiences.

This supplement takes up to 21 days to get into your dogs system, so start early for best effect.
CSJ Herbs Come On 300gm
Coat and Condition 
One of the best natural tonics around for overall vitality and wellbeing. 
A favourite in the show ring for its benefits for coat, skin and body condition.

CSJ Herbs Down Boy 200gmSettles Excited Males

A natural, effective herbal mix to help settle amorous males.

Settles the drive to help reduce anxiety and unwanted mounting behaviours
CSJ Herbs Eezy Peezy! 300gm
Urinary Health
New bigger sized pack!

Herbal blend to maintain a healthy urinary system and help
prevent burn marks on your lawn!
CSJ Herbs Focus 250g

Focus !

New bigger sized pack!

A natural herbal blend to support training and sharpen up your dog's performance in the show ring or at work through improved focus and concentration.

CSJ Herbs Get Over 250g

Healthy Joints

An extremely effective herbal blend for muscular skeletal health in active working or agility dogs. This natural herbal blend can really benefit dogs that are starting to slow down or experience stiffness in their joints, for example in colder weather.

CSJ Herbs Gravy Works 500g

Tasty, natural gravy.

Mix with hot water, to pour over dry food for extra taste and softer texture. Cool before serving.
CSJ Herbs Heal 250g

Digestive Health

New bigger size foil pack

Herbal blend to help calm irritated digestion, soothe discomfort and prevent "flare ups". 

Combine with the herb Resist! to boost results. 

CSJ Herbs Hold It 200gm
Bladder Control

100% natural herbal blend to help control leaky bladders.
Sprinkle a small amount over daily feed to help maintain a healthy urinary system.
CSJ Herbs No Ake 100gStiff Achy Joints

Devil's Claw Root. A potent 100% natural anti-inflamatory painkiller.

For joint stiffness and help in recovering from injury.
Highly Recommended !
CSJ Herbs Phantom Raspberry 150g

Confused Bitches!

A natural herbal blend to help stabilise and settle your bitch during her seasons and reproductive cycles. Sprinkle onto food from the start of the season and continue throughout.

Suitable for 

  • Confused bitches
  • Phantom pregnancies
  • Fertility
CSJ Herbs Resist! 200g

A natural but powerful boost for your dog's immune system. May help with skin problems, dull coat, itchiness, allergies, intolerances and sensitivities or as an all-over tonic.

Use in conjunction with the herb Heal! to help overcome digestive problems.  

CSJ Herbs Seaweed and Parsley 200g

Clean Teeth

New bigger pack size

100% natural blend of pure Canadian kelp and seaweed
 for healthy teeth and gums and fresher breath.

 Rich in minerals and nutrients for all over condition and wellbeing.
CSJ Herbs Steady 250g

Nervous System

New bigger pack size!

A natural herbal blend for relaxation, the health of the central nervous system and an overall tonic for the nerves.

Suitable for 

  • Dogs with nervous or anxiety problems 
  • Nervous tension 
  • Maintenance of the central nervous system 
CSJ Herbs Stroppy Bitch! 200g

Hormonal Bitches

A blend of natural, high quality herbs, formulated for hormonal bitches with resulting dominant behaviours or temperament problems.

Suitable For

  • Hormonal bitches 
  • Hormonal temperament 
  • Tense or dominant bitches 
CSJ Herbs ThistleWork! 200g

Liver Function

New from CSJ - a natural herbal blend to support healthy liver function.

Contains Milk Thistle

Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation

CSJ Herbs Turn Back Thyme 250g

Tonic for Older Dogs

A wonderful all-over tonic to support your dog's optimum health and condition through their senior years. Natural herbal blend to help with mobility, digestion, organ function and a healthy skin and coat. 

CSJ Salmon Oil 500ml

Salmon Oil

Best Seller. The best quality salmon oil available anywhere in the world. 

Promotes healthy skin, glossy coat, a strong immune system, a healthy heart, supple hips, joints and overall condition. 

CSJ Treats Fishcuits 180g100% Salmon

Best seller. Healthy, nutritious salmon treat for healthy skin, shiny coat and great overall condition.

Tasty and with a strong, natural scent. Ideal for training and as a health supplement.