CSJ Puppy Food

CSJ Feeds CP27 15kg Bag

Super-Premium Puppy

33% lamb, super-premium high nutrition
Hypoallergenic, wheat gluten free puppy food with joint care

Suitable For

  • Puppies 
  • Weaning puppies (soften with warm water)
  • Whelping bitches (extra nutrition from late pregnancy)
CSJ Feeds Little Champ 15kg BagPuppy Food

A tasty, 100% natural puppy food and a firm favourite with many of the UK's top kennels.

Great value and easily digestible for little tummies. 

Complete and nutritionally balanced

Suitable For 
  • Weaning puppies (soften with warm water)
  • Growing pups
  • Bitches in whelp (from late pregnancy and whilst feeding her pups)
CSJ Feeds Puppy 15kg Bag

Natural Puppy 

Made from a minimum 36% real chicken. Specially formulated for puppy nutrition. 

Natural, tasty and easy to feed. 

Complete and nutritionally balanced

Suitable For
  • Weaning puppies (soak with warm water to soften)
  • Growing pups
  • Whelping bitches (late pregnancy and through feeding her pups)
CSJ Lap it Up 2kgMilk Replacer

Top quality milk replacer for rearing puppies and bitches in whelp. 

Useful to encourage hydration. 

Complete feed