CSJ Skinny Spray (Flea Repellent) 250ml

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CSJ Skinny Spray (Flea Repellent) 250ml
Neem Flea Spray  

100% natural flea, mites tick and fly repellent.

With Neem, Coconut Oil and Essential Oils to leave your dog's coat shiny and in great condition. 

Guaranteed SLS and paraben free. 

Like all CSJ products, Skinny Spray uses only the highest quality natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, sulphates or artificial colours. 

Apply a light mist spray daily over your dog's coat to tackle unwanted visitors. You can also use the spray to treat your dog's bedding or other contact areas.

CSJ skinny spray can also be used for horses. 

For best results use in conjunction with CSJ Skinny Shampoo.

This product is not suitable for cats due to the essential oils used.